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What would I do without the absurd and the ephemeral?

- Frida Kahlo, The Diary Of Frida Kahlo (via veineux)

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It’s okay to cry. I cry when I get at all flustered, embarrassed, sad, angry… I cry basically anytime I have any heightened emotion.


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in all seriousness, i’m exactly like this.

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(via toutennoir)

the sound of her cumming is music to my ears. i pull her to the side just so i can hear her panting when she’s done. she tastes so good, i can’t even.

u g h, i spent the whole day cuddling and kissing her. how can i still not get enough of her.

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may i pin you down, run my tongue against your neck all the while breathing heavy before i bite your earlobe and lick my fingers as i stick them in you pussy? yeah? okay thank you. fucking hell, she has me so frustrated…..

Cartier LOVE Bracelet

Cartier LOVE Bracelet

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when you live in a black household you need to learn how to put your phone on mute. like for those times when yo mom is screaming at your ass and your white friends just get scared and wonder if they should call child services.

lol my little brother just told me about that, i’m just like damn. those were the days.

fuck toaster strudel for being so convenient and delicious, and for being on sale.

i don’t really mean that……thank you toaster strudel.

although i do have one complaint, could y’all not make the frosting packets so flimsy, i always accidentally cut them open then i can’t make cool designs on my strudel…….. :(

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it’s biological my ass.

when women shame other women for not wanting children.


i was having a conversation with these girls i had gone to high school with because they came to my friend’s apartment while i was in montreal and all of a sudden they were gushing about babies. now don’t get me wrong i don’t hate children i just don’t feel the need to have them. ever. and because i’m young people always give me that look like like gurl don’t worry that will change, you just need to mature nah i’m sayin? listen i’m not saying i won’t have children ever because life happens but for the moment and the near future i do not desire to have them at all. no not because i think they’re icky or disgusting but because I think people underestimate how much love, attention and selflessness and fucking sacrifice it takes to have/raise children. people fuck around these days and act like children are bargaining chips, or magical relationship fixers or freaking toys you get during a mid life crisis when you’re bored with your life. 

people act like i’m not thinking clearly when i say this and because i’m young it’s just a rash thought. nah in fact i’ve thought about it a lot, a lot more it seems than the 30 something people just popping out babies because they think that’s what life expects of you and it’s your duty as a wife and mother. i’m not saying everyone out there is having children for the wrong reasons because what is a good reason really? but i just want people to acknowledge that women not wanting children is okay, people not wanting to have children is ooookay. one of the girls looked at me with a little smirk and said don’t worry it’s biological , you’ll want them later. i was like bitch wat?

they asked hypothetically what i would do if the love of my life wanted children and he gave me an ultimatum. first i was like what a shitty hypothetical question. i don’t know exactly what i would do because obviously  because unless i ever even get into a situation similar to this i don`t think i could ever really accurately predict what i would do. but I said i would leave. *cue their shocked face, semi in disbelief* i said i would rather not have a child just to satisfy my partner, i do not want to end up resenting my child or my partner and i wouldn’t want my partner to resent me for not having children and also not being able to know the joy of having children just because of me. they were just like yah mhhm that makes sense. but they still made me feel like i was less of a woman for not wanting children and they were just not taking me -seriously…. it’s very frustrating. i’m a little bit more open minded to say thing could change but they are not likely to and i would appreciate if women (and anyone for that matter) would be less condescending and realize that it’s all about choice.



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I think too much. I think ahead. I think behind. I think sideways. I think it all. If it exists, I’ve fucking thought of it.

- Winona Ryder (via fawun)

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if you deactivate your facebook account and people complain about not being able to contact you even tough they have your phone number and your e-mail address that’s a sign. come on now, i know facebook is a means of communications but it’s not the only one. i personally had to deactivate it because of my anxiety. i can definitely admit that when i lwould look at my news feed i felt more inadequate and more ashamed of myself for not being more social and being too anxious and depressed to go out. it just wasn’t good for me.

I just feel like if you want to reach someone most times you if you actually make the effort you can definitely reach them and facebook is not the only way in fact sometimes i feel like it`s the lazy way.

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